Charity Women Association is a women initiative which was conceived by Aino Dorothy and formed into an Association by a group of ten Women residing within Soroti Municipality. The Association came into force late in the year 2003.
The idea was birthed as a result of persistent and increasing Poverty situations amongst the women of Soroti. Many factors were contributing to the economic decline among women. The cultural concept where women not allowed to posses, make decisions and have control over economic enterprises as well as resources, continued Civil wars, gross economic mismanagement by civil servants, persistent and increasing HIV/AIDS and AIDS prevalence rate among Women, etc.

who we are

The idea was mapped up as a result of getting the ladies from the two site(CHAWOA&KWA) come together and support each other and also to learn from each other.

1. To encourage information sharing among the ladies from the two sites
2. To reduce on stigma
3. Provision of educational talks that is helpful to the members.